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Products have been regularly given code names before their introduction since the dawn of the commercial PC industry, and it is especially commonplace at Apple. When the Apple III was being designed by a comittee of people, team members needed something to call the project during development. The project was thus named "Sarah" after the daughter of then chief engineer Wendell Sander (thus starting a long line of computers code named after daughters of Apple employees). From then on, Apple gave code names to virtually every product before it was released. Some code names were so influential that they remained as the product's official (or common) name. These include the Lisa, Macintosh, Pippin, and Newton. The whole practice of code names has become so commonplace for the general public, that Apple now assigns each projct an internal and external code name for each product it develops. For example, everybody knew Copland was code name for the ill-fated original Mac OS 8, but did you know what its internal code name was? Well, I decided to compile all the Apple and third-party code names I could find in books, magazines, and web sites and list them in this neat interface you see before you. There are a few names I'm not sure of (very little), but those are marked with a "?" at the end of them. If you have any code-names not mentioned below, or corrections to these, please e-mail me. Thanks.

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Apple II/III - Lisa

Mac OS

System 6

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ImageWriter / StyleWriter


Apple Monitors

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