Mac Sightings

Movies, TV, Outside U.S.

As you've probably guessed, this section is a list of Macs that have been in major motion pictures or TV shows. You've probably seen this kind of thing before, but the ones I've seen out there aren't very good. If you sight an Apple product (or something related like an popular program or third-party product) somewhere that you think earns it a spot on this list, please e-mail me the place you saw it and if possible what kind of product it was (model name, number, etc). Please check if it's not already here though, thanks.

Credits: The Celebrity Macintosh Page, MacCentral


Blade: PowerBook 3400, PowerMac G3 (Desktops and MiniTowers)
Can't Hardly Wait: Mac Plus
Disturbing Behavior: PowerMac, PowerBook
Godzilla: PowerBook 3400
I Got the Hook Up: PowerMac 7000 series, PowerBook
Next Stop, Wonderland: Mac Plus
Palmetto: PowerBook 100 series
Primary Colors: PowerBook 3400 or G3, PowerMac, Mac OS 8, AVID Workstation
Ronin: PowerMac 9600
The Siege: PowerBook 2400, Mac OS
Snake Eyes: Apple MultiScan 15AV's, "Think Different" posters
U.S. Marshals: PowerBook 1400, PowerBook 540, PowerMac, Photoshop 4
Very Bad Things: PowerMac 7x00 or G3 Desktop
You've Got Mail: PowerBook 3400 or 5300
Zero Effect: PowerBook 3400
Anaconda: PowerBook 5300
Batman & Robin: 20th Anniversary Mac, eMate 300
Wag the Dog: PowerBook Duo 280c, PowerMac, Mac OS startup screen, PalmPilot
Face/Off: AppleVision 1710, ADB Keyboards and Mice, PowerBook 1400
Flubber: Mac Plus, PowerMac
The Game: PowerMac 5500, Apple monitors
Grosse Pointe Blank: PowerBook 5300, AppleVision 1710, PlainTalk microphone, ADB Keyboard and Mouse
Herbie, The Love Bug: Newton MessagePad
The Jackal: AppleVision monitor, PowerMac 5200 LC
Liar Liar: PowerMac 7300
Most Wanted: several PowerBook Duo 2300's
My Best Friend's Wedding: PowerBook
The Saint: PowerBook 5300, PowerBook Duo 2300, MiniDock, System 7, Hypercard, Notepad, Apple Internet Connection Kit, MS Excel, "Hi-tech" Theme
Tomorrow Never Dies: PowerMac 8600 or 9600, anti-MS undertones
Volcano: PowerBook 5300
Bound: P0werBook 1x0
Courage Under Fire: PowerBook Duo
Escape From L.A.: ?
Executive Decision: PowerBook 540
Fled: PowerBook, Performa 5000 series
The Frighteners: ?
The Great White Hype: ?
Island of Dr. Moreau: PowerBook 520
Independence Day: PowerBook 5300, Aaron extension, Symantec's Think C
Jingle All the Way: PowerBook 1400, PowerMac
The Juror: ?
Ransom: PowerBook 5300, Newton MessagePad 130, Newton OS, QuickTime, Netscape Navigator 2.0
Stealing Beauty: PowerBook 2300, Mac OS, chat client
Mission Impossible: PowerBook 540
The Nutty Professor: Mac Classic with old PlainTalk
The American President: PowerBook
Assasins: PowerBook 500 series
Copycat: ?
Crimson Tide: Mac disk whine
Hackers: PowerBook 540, clear PowerBook Duo 2300
Johnny Mnemonic: PowerBook
The Net: PowerBook 540, PowerMac 6100, PowerMac 8100, last scene at Macworld Expo/San Francisco
Outbreak: several Macs
Sabrina: 20th Anniverary Mac model
Under Siege 2: Newton MessagePad 120
Welcome to the Dollhouse: "classic" Mac
Blank Check: Performa 6100 series, Mac II series, Apple logo, the name "Macintosh" mentioned roughly 1 million times.
Drop Zone: ?
Forrest Gump: Apple logo, Liutenant Dan invested in "some fruit company"
True Lies: Mac system beep
The Firm: Mac LC
Jurassic Park: Quadra 700, QuickTime movie
Point of No Return: Mac SE, ADB keyboard, trackball mouse, HyperCard, System 7
Single White Female: Mac IIfx, Apple monitors, System 7, Adobe Photoshop?
The Waterdance: Mac Portable, System 7, Apple logo
Bird on a Wire: ?
Gremlins 2: Mac Plus
Back to the Future II (1989): Mac Plus
A Christmas Vacation: Mac SE
Star Trek IV (1986): Mac Plus, Mac OS
A View to a Kill (1985): Apple IIc
2010 (1984): Mac Portable case (curiously, the movie came out five years before the Portable's release)
Trading Places (1983): Apple III
WarGames (1983): several Apple II's


Baywatch: several Macs
Baywatch Nights: PowerBook Duo 2300
Beverly Hills, 90210: PowerMac 6100
Beyond 2000: Power Duo 2300
Boy Meets World: iMac, 20th Anniversary Mac, 2 MultiScan 15AVs, PowerBook, ADB Keyboards and Mice
Buffy the Vampite Slayer: PowerMac 6100, PowerBook 3400, Mac OS Logo, Apple logo
Clueless: PowerBook 500 series
Computer Chronicles: Mac OS 8, FreePPP
Connections 3: PowerBook
Conrad Bloom: PowerBook, Apple Studio Display, Mac OS 8
Dave's World: Performa
Dawson's Creek: iMac
Days of our Lives: Mac SE/Classic
Dream On: PowerBook
The Drew Carey Show: iMac, PowerMac
ER: PowerBook G3, PowerMac, AOL
Felicity: PowerMac, AppleVision 17x0, ADB Keyboard, iMac mention, Mac vs. PC argument
Friends: PowerBook 5300, PowerMac, Apple LaserWriter, Macworld-Sept '97
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper: Mac SE, Performa 6x00, Apple MultiScan 15 monitor
Home Improvement: PowerBook G3, PowerMac 5x00, PowerBook 2300, Powerbook 100 series, DuoDock, MiniDock, Apple OneScanner, AppleCD

Just Shoot Me: PowerBook G3, iMac, PowerBook G3, 3 Apple Studio Displays, Apple MultiScan 15AV
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: PowerBook
Malcolm & Eddie: PowerBook G3, Apple MultiScan 14, PowerMac 6100
Melrose Place: PowerBook
Millenium: PowerMac 7100, Mac OS 8
The Naked Truth: PowerBook 3400
Ned & Stacey: PowerBook 500 series
The Net: PowerMac 9600, PowerMac 8600, Mac OS, Netscape Navigator
The Newlywed Game: PowerBook 190
NewsRadio: PowerBook G3, iMac, PowerBook Duo 2300, LaserWriter
NextStep: PowerBook, 20th Anniversary Mac case mold
Night Court: Mac SE/Classic
Nowhere Man: ?
Nova: PowerBook
NYPD Blue: PowerMac G3, PowerBook, Think Different billboards
Oh Baby: Performa 6360, PowerBook
Pensacola: Wings of Gold: PowerBook 3400, Newton MessagePad 120/130
The Pretender: PowerBook G3, PowerBook 3400, 20th Anniversary Mac, Apple Studio Display, Iomega ZIP drives, portable HP inkjet printer, Apple logo
Profiler: PowerBook, System 7, Netscape Navigator 3.0
The Real World: 20th Anniversary Mac, Performa 6200 series, Performa 5200 series, Apple MultiScan 1705, Apple MultiScan 15, System 7, Mac OS 8, ClarisWorks, Apple Internet Connection Kit, MacPPP, Netscape Navigator 3, Apple and Think Different logos
Road Rules: PowerBook 3400, PowerBook 1400, PowerBook 5300, StyleWriter 4400, System 7, Mac OS 8, MS Office 98, Apple logo, Think Different logo
The Rosie O'Donell Show: PowerBook 3400
Saved by the Bell: The New Class: Mac Plus
Seinfeld: 20th Anniversary Mac, PowerMac 6100, Mac SE, DuoDock, ADB Keyboard, Apple MultiScan 15, MacWarehouse catalogue
Silk Stalkings: PowerBook, FileMaker Pro
The Simpsons: Newton MessagePad, several Macs, Mac OS
Spin City: PowerMac 4400, Macintosh Quadra
Sports Night: PowerBook G3, PowerBook 3400, Apple Studio Display
Suddenly Susan: PowerBook G3, PowerBook 3400, PowerBook 5300, Performa 6200 or 6300, 2 Apple Studio Displays, 2 Apple MultiScan 15's, Apple logo stickers
Three: PowerBook 3400/5300
Twin Peaks: ?
Veronica's Closet: 20th Anniversary Mac
VIBE: PowerBook 3400
V.I.P: 20th Anniversary Macintosh, PowerBook 1x0
The Visitor: ?

Will & Grace: PowerBook G3
Working: Mac SE, HP DeskJet
The X-Files: PowerBook G3, Apple Studio Display, PowerBook 500 series, PowerBook 3400, Mac OS startup chime

 Sightings outside U.S.

Action Figures (UK): eMate 300
Ballykissangel: several Macs
Bull Pit! (Australia): PowerBook G3 or 3400
Earth: Final Conflict (Canada): PowerBook 3400, Newton 2000, Newton 130, Apple Canada logo
Football Focus: Apple Studio Display
Godzilla vs Destroyer (Japan): PowerMac 8100, PowerBook
Good Times, Bad Times
(Netherlands): ?
How2 (UK): PowerMac 4400, Sony 15" monitor, SoftWindows 95
Murder Call (Australia): PowerBook, Mac LC, IRC bot
Ocean Girl
(Australia): PowerBook 1400
PsiFactor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (Canada): PowerBook
Tomorrow's World (UK): iMac, Apple Studio Displays

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