Macintosh Centris 660av

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The $2489 Centris 660av was released in June 1993 as a Centris model and then rechristened a Quadra later that November. later that October, is another one of my favorite machines. It finally allowed cheap graphics and video production for Mac users, and was the first Mac I used on a regular basis in my 7th grade graphics class. It was with this machine that I first learned the quality and ease of use that is Macintosh. The Centris was yet another Mac that included awesome new technology. Most apparent are the new audio/visual capabilities that were available. This was mostly due to the Quadra's AT&T DSP processor, which allowed the Mac to process the massive amounts of video and audio data reasonably. The 660av supported 16-bit TV input/output that allowed users to mirror the screen on a TV screen, or even record it to video using a VCR. It also was introduced with a cool new monitor now called the AppleVision that had microphones and speakers. Unfortunately, it was the only monitor that worked without an adapter. It was also the first Mac to use PlainTalk. PlainTalk is more of Apple's priceless software that allowed both speech recognition and speech synthesis. Though you couldn't take dictation, you could use it to open applications, open and close windows, and many other menial tasks with just the sound of your voice. Best of all, you didn't have to train your voice so the machine could pick it up and it was free! This alone set it apart from any desktop on the market. Even today speech recognition software costs tons of money. Another indispensible creation for Mac users that debuted in the Centris 660 was the GeoPort. This revolutionary port was so fast that it could perform several tasks (print, fax, phone, etc.) at one time. There are so many cool uses for the GeoPort that I'm not even going to get into it. Basically it was a machine jam packed with cool new stuff.

Code-name: Tempest

Processor: Motorola 68040 running at 25 MHz.
Memory: came with 8MB of RAM expandable to a 68MB 72-pin 70ns DRAM.
Drives: a built-in Apple SuperDrive 1.44 MB floppy drive, an internal CD-ROM drive, and an internal SCSI hard drive.
TV/Video: Apple TV/Video System with 16-bit video in/out (NTSC, PAL, and S-Video), cable ready with 181 channel capability.
Display: supports 8-bit color at 640x480 and 16-bit TV video and audio.
Expansion: 1 17" Nubus slot, and Apple TV/Video System installed.

Operating Systems:
Mac OS: supports System 7.1, System 7.11 Pro, System 7.5-7.51, System 7.53-7.55.
Windows: 3.1 (could run 95 and NT but not recommended) with Apple's DOS Compatibility card.
NeXTstep: NeXTstep for Intel via Apple's DOS Compatiblity card.
ProDOS: ProDOS 8 via emulation.
GS/OS: System 6.01 via emulation.

On the market for: 14 months

Interesting Facts: What?! All those cool features above wasn't enough for you?!?! What do you want from me?!

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